CDM Services

Ayerst Environmental Ltd provides a specialist range of CDM services to help our customers comply with their legal duties under the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015.

Firstly, the Client has a duty to make suitable arrangements for managing a project. Ayerst Environmental Ltd CDM Advisory service provides the Client with independent health and safety advice to supplement their own skills, knowledge and experience. As your CDM Advisor, Ayerst can also provide input on whether the other duty holders appointed have sufficient time and resources for the project.

The Client also has a duty to make sure that relevant information is prepared and provided to other duty holders. If Ayerst is appointed as your Principal Designer, we can help and advise you on the collation of pre-construction information, and provide the information which designers and contractors need to carry out their duties.

The Client also has a duty to ensure that the Principal Designer and the Principal Contractor carry out their duties effectively. As a trusted provider of high quality Principal Designer, Principal Contractor and CDM auditing services, using Ayerst will help the Client fulfil this duty

CDM Advisor

Whilst any external advisor cannot assume the legal duties, responsibilities and/or functions of the ‘Client’, some duty holders require independent health and safety advice to supplement their own skills, knowledge and experience. The procurement of specialist expertise to support the delivery of quality construction projects may be both necessary and effective, particularly in the short term while further expertise is developed within the Client’s organisation.

Consequently, although not a specific role defined in the regulations, some customers appoint ‘advisors’ to support them in the discharge of their client duties under CDM.

Ayert can provide a fully comprehensive CDM advisory service with a designated ‘CDM Advisor’ allocated as your single point of contact throughout the whole project. Working closely with you to ensure that you fulfil your duties as required by the Regulations, your CDM Advisor can:


  • Visit the intended construction site to ascertain existing site health and safety issues
  • Identify further information required prior to the start of construction
  • Compile a detailed report which will form part of the pre-construction information
  • Attend design meetings
  • Provide advice and guidance on the ‘principles of prevention’
  • Notify the HSE as required and manage the notification for the life of the project
  • Liaise with the ‘Principal Contractor’ to ensure a suitable Construction Phase Plan is produced to enable work to begin on site
  • Undertake site audits to review the site setup, work practices and health and safety
  • Provide ongoing advice on any health and safety information relating to your site/project, providing reassurance that documents are suitable and sufficient for the intended project. Should these not be in place, the advisor will provide guidance on the changes required.