Air Fibre Monitoring


If you are planning to remove asbestos-containing materials, then special Air Monitoring precautions must be taken to reduce your and your staff’s exposure to harmful asbestos dust and fibres.

Our Air Monitoring service identifies potential exposure to asbestos fibres through a process of air sampling and analysis carried out by professional analysts.

Having set up small pumps at a client’s workplace, the process involves drawing air through special filters to catch any airborne fibres for analysis under our laboratory microscopes. By dividing the number of fibres of relevant size by the volume of air passed over a specific time period, we can measure the actual asbestos exposure at the premises for comparison with benchmark safety indices.

Such sampling is usually conducted during periods of particular risk when, for instance, you may have retained specialist licensed asbestos contractors to remove suspect materials from your premises. Ayerst Environmental can help by monitoring the removal programme to ensure safe working practices and compliance with national health & safety legislation.

Air monitoring can be supplied as a stand-alone service or as part of our comprehensive project management to ensure that you are taking a full and thorough approach to asbestos removal.